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If you want to be an entrepreneur, what to do if your pocket is empty?

Want to be an entrepreneur?   Empty your pocket? Does it really cost a lot of money to be an entrepreneur? How much money can be a successful entrepreneur? In fact, you can’t be an entrepreneur if you have money. To be an entrepreneur, you need talent, intelligence, knowledge, and skills. What is an entrepreneur? Now let’s come to… Read More »

How do choose products for business?

What is business product selection? Products are selected based on the variety of products and why you want to do this business. Entrepreneurs need to start a business by deciding on a suitable product or service. He has to consider various issues before deciding on a suitable business. The main issues are discussed below: Context… Read More »

How to choose a business?

Business Feasibility Verification: What kind of initiative an entrepreneur will take, what product or service will be produced or sold – this decision is not a matter to be taken suddenly or immediately. Deciding which products can be produced or sold can reduce the risk and ensure the chances of success in a big way… Read More »

Online Business Tips

1. Best Online Business Ideas: Start a Blog You can start different types of blog websites e.g. Your time (training or advice). Your own product (e-commerce or site). Someone else’s product (authorized marketing or advertising). You can make the most money by creating a website from a business idea. 2. Online courses or training You… Read More »

A Social Media Personality in India

If you are looking for some news about the latest news on the popular social media personalities, then you have landed at the right articles. Today we are talking about our budding social media stars and socialite, DJ Rastak. This multi-faceted social media personality from Mumbai, is today, becoming one of the most sought after… Read More »

The Rise of Aiyaz Aly

Recently, our illustrious leader, Riyaz Aly has been making news headlines. But is this the right media outlet to bring the facts to light on the issues he is facing as a social media personality? If we look at his history, it would appear he is a media personality who is seeking media notoriety as… Read More »

Who Is The Rock?

The Rock is perhaps one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world today. Known for his outlandish persona, unique sense of humor and an uncanny ability to take on any challenge, The Rock surely has an ego big enough to burst. He is also well-known for his many achievements in sports and entertainment, as… Read More »

The Top 10 Social Media Influencers

The Rock is a national treasure who has captured the hearts of America and the rest of the world through his movies. No matter how many times a person watches a film they can not stop talking about it. Whether its a good one or a bad one, The Rock commands the attention of his… Read More »