How Do I Know if My Garage Door Rollers Are Bad?

Garages play an important role in the storage of several materials like equipment, or certain artistry woks. These garages are either built commercially or connected with homes, i.e., residentially. Both have their own functional importance.

The first thing that every passerby notice is the garage door. It’s the main component of your garage. Either you want to grab potential customer’s attention, or you want to secure your garage; a door plays a major role in all of these. A garage door is the heavy part of a garage that puts great pressure on the rollers, trackers, and springs, and can cause major injury to any of these if the pressure exerted is high, which results in the breakage of any of these components and concludes in a faulty and broken garage door.

The rollers are an important part of the garage door which provides support and holds the door on track. Moreover, it also helps in smoother and quieter movement of the garage door. When the garage door rollers are affected, they may affect other major expensive parts of the door. Therefore, it is important to replace the rollers before it causes any other serious injury, that could interfere in the overall performance of the garage door.

The garage door rollers come in two types, that can either be nylon rollers, or steel rollers. Depending upon their material, it is suggested to replace the defective rollers every seven months so they won’t cause any further damage to the garage door.

For inspection, you should focus on the working of the garage door. A slow or jammed garage door is the sign that there is an issue with your garage door’s roller. Another sign is the loud noisy garage door while opening or closing the door. Moreover, if you notice any worn-out sign on your roller, similar to a crack, you should immediately get it replaced before it malfunctions other components of the garage door. Besides the visual signs, you should still check up on the rollers and make sure that they are firmly attached to their shaft.

Every garage door has different types of rollers installed. There are some doors that consist of plastic rollers which are more vulnerable to stress. Therefore, keep a check on your rollers and get them replaced by a professional garage door repairman.

The roller should be checked at least once a year as recommended and lubrication of the rollers in every 3 to 4 months to prevent it from rust and damage. Make sure to secure your rollers in the shaft accurately and that, it spins freely, without any pause. If you notice any jammed roller or grinding noise, then it’s time to replace your rollers.

Rollers can be found in several designs and materials. There are builder-grade rollers, which are made up of hard plastics or they could be made up of steel, but these do not contain balls. These builder rollers should be inspected once a year and should be changed every two years because if not changed, they might break so bad and cause the garage door to squeak!

In order to save yourself from further damage, make sure to check your rollers once a year, and lubrication is suggested every 3 to 4 months. Check for the usual symptoms of wear and tear in the garage door roller and if you see any break in the roller, call a professional immediately to replace it, or else the door will no longer work properly and can cause further damage to other parts of the garage door. Therefore, inspection is necessary for the long life of your garage door.

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