Top Tips to Avoid Fraud on an Online Matrimonial Website

You should never reveal your account information to anyone:

  • You should be very careful about the information that you share with other members and take steps to ensure that whom you are dealing with is whom they say they are.

You should never give money to anyone whom you contact from the matrimonial site:

  • Do not transfer any funds to your future groom or bride under any circumstance. If anyone does ask for some money which can be any reason, you should report this incident to the UK Malayali Matrimony team if you have an account there.

Always Look for verified profile:

  • At UK Malayali Matrimony, every registration will be held for 24 hours which gives us the time to check the bride/groom and also allow us to verify their details. We have put in place measures to try to ensure that everyone on our site is genuine and not involved in fraudulent activities.

Finding your ideal partner is not so easy as it sounds, the aim of the matrimonial site is making the customer happy for the rest of their life. Nowadays there are so many matrimonial sites out there but without falling for the fraud website becomes tricky. At UK Malayali Matrimony we ensure all our customer have a safe journey while they find their ideal partner at UK Malayali Matrimony.


We ask all our customers to follow these 5 steps when they register an account at UK Malayali Matrimony.

From the early stage at UK Malayali Matrimony, our team checks the details of the customer entered and also verify their identity document before approving their profile to be visible for others to view. The main reason for this is to find and prevent fraud users.

At UK Malayali Matrimony the site is for Malayali’s anywhere around the world who are seeking for Malayali bride or groom. We have spoken to our customers and we try our best to provide an easy and safe environment for all our customers with their needs. We listen to their needs and we do our best to provide them with an impressive website that can be easily navigated around.

While customers are using UK Malayali Matrimony we have a huge collection of customers and allow users to customise their searches that help to find their perfect partner. UK Malayali Matrimony suggests that the candidate upload their images when creating an account, however, it is optional.

UK Malayali Matrimony accepts identity document to be one of the below for customer identity:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Aadhar card
  • Pan Card
  • School Record
  • Biometric Card

How UK Malayali Matrimony identify fraudsters

  • Sometimes when a customer tries to register they are not willing to upload their identity document instead they upload another document that isn’t relevant. At UK Malayali Matrimony our team ensure we do all the checks before the customer becomes an active member.
  • With UK Malayali Matrimony resource and research we have found out most of the fraudsters create fake profiles and target opposite genders. This is the main reason we ask for an identity document to check the full information which the customer has provided us.

To comply with the legislation and also to provide a safe and secure platform UK Malayali Matrimony will request each individual to provide a form of Identification document upon creating an account. This document will then be used to verify an account. Rest assured this document will not be shared with anyone and strictly only used for verification purposes.

How UK Malayali Matrimony safeguard our customers

  • At UK Malayali Matrimony the profiles are fully been verified by our experts. Our team contact each customer individually if they want to make a request or amend some details from their account area by sending us an email. UK Malayali Matrimony team have a conversation with customers to clarify any enquiry they have which helps each customer to find their ideal partner.

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